Recipe for Disaster

Take hundreds of workers and drivers, add:

Thousands of heavy trucks (or truck trips)
Millions of gallons of liquids (some are toxic soups)
Thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals
Storage tanks for toxic chemicals, fuel, LNG and liquid condensates
Compressors, dehydrators, degassers, etc.
Open pits of toxic soup
Highly flammable (explosive under certain conditions) gas

Mix well and tempt Murphy's Law

Now add some other variables:

Overworked and/or under-trained (or just plain careless) workers
Faulty equipment, tanks, valves, pipes, liners, instruments, etc.
Profit-driven companies, contractors and sub-contractors
Floods, lightning, tornados, earthquakes, etc

You can see where I am going with this...

Yes these things can happen in many industries, but I know of no other industry with so many hazardous possibilities as fracking. And so much potential danger to public welfare and the environment. It's like we are purposely being set up for disaster.

Here's a link to pipeline disasters (some are not gas) but note the enormous number in the US 


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Frack Target: Marcellus Shale

Water Resources at Stake: Delaware River, Monongahela River, Susquehanna River

Gas drilling in Pennsylvania has skyrocketed in recent years. And along with the gas rush have come disastrous industrial accidents and poisoned drinking water - earning the state a reputation in the region for gas development gone wrong. Communities fighting to keep their water and air clean and state forests intact have their work cut out for them: Governor Tom Corbett accepted nearly $1 million from oil and gas companies during his political campaigns and since assuming office in 2011, promptly began repaying his benefactors by cutting down on environmental enforcement and oversight of gas drilling activities.

Below is a map and link to some of the high profile incidents ("fraccidents") related to the country's gas drilling boom that have already occurred in and around Pennsylvania. Click on any Skull and Crossbones to see details. 

Here's a link to fraccidents across the US